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Planning and Development Process  

Today’s small to medium size Midwestern farms are improving their land stewardship through integrated land management.  Although these farms’ history may include crop rotation and erosion control, most planning and utilization of land resources has been based primarily upon immediate economic need.

In addition, land ownership is shifting from traditional farming families to individuals with suburban backgrounds and lifestyles. Responsible care and good land stewardship presents formidable challenges for these new land owners.

Effective land management begins with assessment of individual and family goals. These include economic, educational, recreational, and retirement needs.  In some cases, landowner resource needs are purely recreational and may require only cosmetic changes; others may require more in-depth wildlife and aquatic resource management.  Other owners may want to augment income with agricultural land uses while preserving the overall health and ecology of their land and wildlife.

Alternatively, farmers and gardeners may want to introduce more intensive practices such as permaculture and certified organic crop production. In the past decade, these practices have become the basis of new agricultural ventures such as community supported agriculture (CSA) and farm-to-market produce marketing.  Other applications have included conservation programs for riparian, prairie and woodland restoration.

Vajra Land Management offers a range of consulting services from estate and land use planning to land development and management:

  • Farmstead Estate Planning

Personal goal assessment: establishment of short term and long term goals, economic need and retirement planning, establishing land trusts, and estate master design plans.

  • Land Resource Assessment

Land resource assessment:  vegetation, topographical and soil mapping; geology; water resource, watershed analysis and irrigation system design; soil testing and nutrient recommendations; solar access, wind and hydroelectric energy potential. Ecological assessment, analysis of species composition and wildlife habitat.

  • Assessment of Agricultural Potential and Economic Development

Woodland management: timber resources, woodlots and firewood, orchards, beehives, ginseng and other woodland herbs. Design and implementation of agroforestry systems and edible forest gardens.

Prairie restoration:  site analysis for grass and forb seeding, rotational burning and mowing management.

Livestock management and system design

Wildlife habitat: planning for management and establishment of wildlife habitat, access corridors and natural food sources.

Permaculture system design: alternative agriculture ventures, soil, water and energy conservation, grassland and woodland restoration. Intensive livestock pasturing and management. Cultivation of medicinal herbs, fruit and nut tree crops and food forests.

  • Contract Services

Permaculture: Landscape Master Planning and design, land tours and workshops.

Agroforestry/Food Forests: Site planning, design and species selection.

Earthworks: Construction of swales, ponds and lagoons.

Prairie restoration: Planning, seed acquisition, preparation and planting, burning/  mowing management.

Woodland management: Assessment, development, and timber management.

Sustainable architecture and passive solar residential construction.

Feng Shui landscaping.



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