Permaculture Training Sites

Permaculture training sites have been established through the efforts of community members that are committed to making a transition to sustainable living.

Vajra Farm Permaculture Center, Oskaloosa, KS.  Vajra Farm is a 45 acre farmstead and botanical sanctuary, located 17 miles north of Lawrence, KS.  Steve and Nancy Moring have developed the farm for teaching permaculture and organic farming methods. We have created multi-functional gardens, including a healing garden, mandala keyhole and suntrap gardens, and two food forests.  Our farm site is a major venue in training students in our permaculture design certification courses, workshops and farm tours.  We have an on-going apprentice and intern training program.  Learn more…….

Forest Floor Permaculture, Lawrence, KS   Established by Michael Almon in 1980 on a one-half acre urban site located in the Brook Creek watershed on the east side of Lawrence KS, Forest Floor Permaculture is a nut and fruit centered forest garden.  The site incorporates elements such as infiltration swales, a bog, native prairie, rainwater catchments, active solar water heating, and passive solar space heating of the residence.  Students in the K.P.I. Permaculture Design Certification Courses regularly take practicum training there, and permaculture workshops and tours are frequently scheduled there.  Mr. Almon conducts a four-season apprenticeship program.

Cedar Sky Farm, Leavenworth, KS      Cedar Sky is rural family farm located about 7 miles north of the City of Leavenworth, KS.  Owned by the Stevenson family trust, it is managed by as a permaculture enterprise by a son-in-law Peter Maynard.  Peter is creating a water harvesting system composed of swales, a pond, and terraced garden beds.  He is also creating a food forest system with fruit and nut trees supported  by guilds of beneficial & edible annual and perennial species.     Learn more…..

Prairie Lovesong Farm, Linnwood, KS     Prairie Lovesong is a 160 acre farm located near the community of Linwood, in southern Leavenworth county, KS.  It is owned and managed by Mrs. Maryam Hjersted and her son Tim.  In 2009 Maryam made the decision to develop her land in a sustainable way by creating a master plan using permaculture principles. She and other farmers received a USDA SARE grant to help establish a permaculture training site and two acre food forest  orchard.  Read more…..

PermaCommons Community Gardens, Lawrence KS.   These community gardens consist of two residential city lots that have been developed into organic vegetable and polyculture edible forest gardens respectively.  The vegetable garden is leased to members of the local neighborhood, while the polyculture forest garden operates as a member CSA, where participants share in care, maintenance and harvest collectively.  A greater function and purpose of the gardens are to train novice gardeners in sustainable food production, e.g. permaculture.   Learn more……

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