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Welcome to the Kaw Permaculture Website

Kaw Permaculture is a business located in North East Kansas that provides educational services and consultation in permaculture design and land management.  Kaw permaculture is affiliated with the Kansas Permaculture Institute which is involved in the certification of trainees in permaculture design.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a design science that uses natural systems as the model for creating productive systems with resilience, diversity and stability of natural ecosystems. By mimicking natural systems we can create sustainable human environments and culture. Permaculture draws upon and integrates several disciplines, including: biology, ecology, geology, agronomy, environmental science, architecture, appropriate technology, and the history of indigenous peoples.

The term Permaculture was coined by its founder, Bill Mollison of New South Wales, Australia. Formed as a contraction, it means “Permanently Sustainable Agriculture” or culture in the larger context.

Permaculture is a paradigm embracing a biognostic worldview, a practice of creating ecologically sustainable human environments, learning ways of living in harmony and deep connection with the diversity and abundance of life on the planet.

Permaculture is the philosophy of working with (as opposed to against) nature, using thoughtful observation and skillful means to utilize and mange natural resources, animals and plants to generate a highly productive system that benefits the whole, as opposed to short term gain single product system.

In short it is like using aikido on the landscape, rolling with the blows, turning adversity into strength and using everything positively.  We observe the flow of energy in a given ecosystem and we act to enhance the balance of energy and resources –  a kind of environmental feng shui.

Permaculture is positive, solution-based and can be applied to almost any task, in any setting. It means working with a practical set of design principles and the following ethics:

Earth Care  Recognizing the importance and value of supporting ecological systems in everything we do.

People Care  Supporting ourselves, our families and the global community to work toward physical, mental, spiritual and social well being. We’re all in this together!

Fair Share  Managing the resources available to us to promote opportunity and abundance for all.

Limits to Excess  Using only what is needed, and controlling population growth.

Permaculture Principles  

David Holmgen,  the co-founder of the Permaculture Movement has established 12 essential principals of permaculture.  For more information visit, permacultureprinciples.com.

Permaculture Design Video Links

The following is a link to free videos from a Permaculture Design Course taught by Bill Mollison, the co-founder of Permaculture. These videos are a bit dated, being produced  from 1994 and 1995, however the informational content is still high quality and valid… nature doesn’t change.

Visit:  http://www.networkearth.org/perma/culture.html#Permaculture


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