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Kaw Permaculture is an educational business enterprise established under the umbrella of Vajra Farm, LLC in North Eastern Kansas.    Vajra Farm and its business divisions are owned and managed by Stephen (Steve) and Nancy Moring.  The farm serves as home and homestead for a 45 acre permaculture education and intern training center.

Kaw Permaculture offers Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Courses and workshops on the basics of permaculture design, edible forest garden design, cultivation and use of medicinal herbs, and organic vegetable crop production.  We also provide consultation services under the name of Vajra Land Management Services.

Vajra Farm has been a training site for our PDC courses and a major site for the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative’s annual Urban Garden and Farm Tours.

Vajra Farm we has been offering apprenticeships and internships since 2001.  We have mentored students with interests in organic food production, herbal medicine, viticulture & enology, permaculture and agroforestry.

The Farm has well established multiple herb and polyculture forest gardens that include vineyards, a mandala herb and vegetable garden, suntrap and healing gardens. Since we acquired the property in 1995, we have been active in establishing it as a botanical sanctuary, and  prairie and forest reserve.

About the Owners

Steve & Nancy Moring   –   biographic sketch




About Our Logos

Kaw Permaculture & Tree of Life Deva

This mandala image is reminiscent  of a sunflower and also a Native American Dream Catcher, both of which are very Kansas. The mandala pattern expresses the connectedness as the web of life. The Plant Diva is depicted as a crescent shape for the primordial leaf and shoot above the Earth and below to represent the root and waxing and waning of the moon, which plays its role in Gaia’s garden and the ebb and flow of everything.  Five bands of horizontal color represent the five elements, earth and its horizons, water, air, fire as light and ether.  The horizontal and vertical lines represent the four directions.

 Gaia’s Double Vajra

This image is representative of the double vajra used in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism……

Vajra means immutable, corruptible, pristine and diamond like. Vajra is our intention.

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